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Washington D.C.


8th Grade Trip

A week in our great nation's capital, Washington DC, is never enough, but it is an opportunity that every Vineyard student will enjoy as an eighth grader. After completing nearly a year's course in American history and government, students and their parent chaperons travel across the country to this important destination. During the month of April, the group will visit the House and Senate galleries and the Smithsonian Museums.

The students will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, attend church at the National Cathedral, visit George Washington's home at Mt. Vernon and light a candle at the Holocaust Museum.    A walking city, the Washington DC area also challenges the visitor to a healthy workout while observing the National Monuments and the Presidential Memorials.   Accommodations in Alexandria, Virginia make for the perfect rest stop as the Metro delivers the group back home safely every day.


Students study for months prior to the trip in preparation for a personal look at the history of our country.  There is no better way to envision the desires, dreams and actions of our Founding Fathers as they forged a united venture. What is very evident when visiting the capital city is the commitment and faith exercised by men and women in the forming of our country, and the plans they had for its future.  At its core is a profound belief in God and a shared vision for His design to be carried out in this new land.


Eighth graders and their parents hold a Crab Feed in order to raise funds for the trip.  With the very best crab in town, raffle and auction items to rival any major organization, and a huge amount of enthusiasm, the event has been a great success.  All proceeds from the evening are divided evenly among the participating students in order to reduce the cost of their trip.  Funds risen at past crab feeds have helped to cut the initial price nearly in half.  Sold out for the last two years, the VCMS Crab Feed is now considered to be a must-attend event.


"The dedication of the staff to help us thoroughly enjoy Washington, DC, the new friendships gained among the parents and the true joy shared between the kids as they share one last time together before heading off to a variety of high schools made the trip a lifetime memory."

-Paul Booth, Parent

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