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Mission Springs


6th Grade Trip

Referred to as Science Camp, a week at Mission Springs is that and much more.  Mission Springs, located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, is a multi-faceted destination where Vineyard 6th graders spend five days together exploring the outdoors. The outdoor education program utilizes hands-on science and team-building activities to foster each student's relationship with his or her Creator and to promote good stewardship of God's creation.

A chance encounter with a banana slug is just one thrill that awaits the camper. Days spent hiking the trails, studying flora and fauna, observing insects and wading in tide pools add to the educational experience.  Yet climbing the rock wall, creating skits for the campfire, spending time with new friends and bonding as a class also proves to be great memories.  Students camp in lodge accommodations and eat meals in the dining hall. A vertical hike up the hillside reveals the upper camp level where a variety of activities occur. Nightly devotions around the bonfire there prepare campers for the next day.


Choosing from classes titled The Wall and Surf the Earth encourages our 6th graders to focus on Gods creation and environmental stewardship. Naturalists intentionally weave spiritual lessons into their outdoor science classes. In addition, parent chaperons are called upon to aid the instructors with supervisory assistance. A week at Mission Springs is a time to remember, and a great introduction to Vineyard Christian Middle School.


"The best part of science camp at Mission Springs was doing the skits.  Also banana slugs, being with my friends and getting to go hiking a lot."

-Julia Rowland, Alumni Student


"I have a few great favorite memories from Science Camp.  One was the rock climbing wall.   ALL of the parents made it to the top this year and I would like to challenge future parents to keep the ball rolling. The other memory, of course, is the skits, done by every school.  But Vineyards skits ROCKED. The skits brought the kids together; they were all very creative and had a great time participating and laughing."

-Tricia Stallings, Parent Chaperon

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