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Catalina Island


7th Grade Trip

When asked the question, "What is one of your favorite Vineyard Christian Middle School memories?" undoubtedly at the top of a student's list is the 7th-grade class trip, a week aboard an oceanic marine exploring vessel off the coastline of Catalina. Not long after classes have begun for the school year, the VCMS 7th graders and their fortunate parent chaperons pile into the caravan of cars in order to make their way to the vessel.

What is now known as "The Rapture trip" is a required part of and is integrated into the Vineyard science curriculum, a dedicated week when students snorkel, kayak, hike, swim, eat, study, socialize, dissect, and pray. Much preparation is done prior to departure in order to ready the students for maximum knowledge, application and appreciation. In addition, the trip serves as a great opportunity for students to grow closer to their peers in a team building environment.


For the past few years, VCMS has been fortunate to be on board during the fall months which has provided warmer water and great exploration. Our group has had the opportunity to hear testimonials from the captain and crew throughout the course of their stay.  There is devotion and fellowship every evening.  Witnessing God's creation and the vastness of the sea is a humbling experience for all in attendance. Lives are changed during this memorable week at sea!


"Rapture was incredible.  I was challenged, learned a lot about biology and myself.  Jumping off the O2 deck was a thrill...I had a lot of encouragement as I stood on the edge of the deck looking 30 feet down at the water.  Ill never forget the experience!"

-Mark Fitzgerald, Alumni Student


"Rapture was the most fun and interesting school trip I have ever experienced.  My most enjoyable part of the trip was snorkeling and hiking."

-Ryan Neal, Alumni Student


I remember jumping of the O2 deck, a 30 ft drop and how God helped me get the strength to jump, how I tipped over my kayak in the cave at almost high tide, and repelling off the side off the boat.  The trip really tested my faith and my trust in God; it was a once in a life time chance.

-Mitch Thomas, Alumni Student


I had an awesome time at Rapture. My favorite part was jumping off of the 03 deck.  I also loved learning about the ocean and all the creatures in it. Dissecting the squid was cool and gross too. We also got to eat a bite of squid.

-Garrett Bertsch, Alumni Student

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